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Creating a digital society

Photo: Dhiraagu

The Maldives is embarking on a journey to become one of the world’s leading countries in the adoption of technology in governance

The new government is billing what’s happening today as the science and technology revolution in Maldives. With the ITC infrastructure already in place and a small, digitally-savvy population, the government’s focus is now to deploy technology to make Maldives one of the most digitally advanced nations on earth.  

“We are moving towards full digital governance. It is an era of digital transformation,” says Mohamed Maleeh Jamal, the first person to head Maldives’ newly created Ministry of Communications, Science and Technology.

According to the minister, Maldives aims to be the Estonia of the Indian Ocean, in the sense that the Baltic nation is the only country in the world where 99% of public services are accessible online.

Within a short period of time we managed to connect every inhabited island, which resulted in a tremendous development of business across the country

Ismail Rasheed

CEO and Managing Director, Dhiraagu

“We want to live in a digital society where technology lowers costs, increases ease of business, grows our economy, allows us to be more transparent and improves service delivery. This is also critical to our tourism strategy upon which our economy relies,” he explains.

We are moving towards full digital governance

Mohamed Maleeh Jamal

Minister of Communications, Science and Technology

To do so, the government is in the process of developing an internet portal that will allow citizens or investors to access all government services online 24/7.

The government is also cooking up strategies to create a national data centre and build technology parks, projects that would open the doors for UAE know-how and investment.

“There are also other opportunities to invest in the telecommunications and information technology sectors, especially in the 144 exclusive resorts that require technology,” Maleeh adds.

The 123’s of ITC


Per year growth of Maldives’ ITC sector


Dhiraagu’s submarine fibre optic cable network


Internet penetration rate (2018)


Facebook penetration rate (2018)


Population covered by mobile broadband service

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